Aerial photo collection from geologist Robert Carr

  • 9 January 2023

by Armin Jagdhuber

Some time ago our library received from geologist Robert Carr his complete Aerial Contact Photo Collection.

We had never possessed such Aerial photos and it has been a real blessing for us to introduce such a collection into our library.

His donation consists of 4 steel cabinets in which the photos are stored. These cabinets, manufactured in Cape Town, were specially designed for the storage of these photographs.

The Aerial Photos number 15,000 in total. They date from the 1960s to the
1980s. The scale ranges across 1: 36/40/50/60000.

Furthermore, we received all his maps and job-plans, which are crucial to finding the relevant job and flight number to be able to locate the wanted photo.

A farm map of Namibia which is divided according to the different jobs, is the first step to locate the desired Aerial photos.

With the job number from the farm map, the area map with the same job number is used. On this map, in turn, the point of interest is located, with the number indicating where the Aerial photo can be found in the cabinet.

These contact photos (25x25cm) are black and white photos, designed to be used for stereographic overlap. Viewed under a stereoscope, the scene can be viewed in 3 dimensions.

We, the library of the Namibia Scientific Society say thank you for this generous and informative historical donation.

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