Southern Star Pary 2023

Booking essential
  • Gross Barmen Resort

Arranged by amateur astronomers for amateur astronomers

Friday, 16.06.2023 — Arrival

Have a look at the observing site and put up the telescope you may have brought along. Signpost will show you the way.

From 18h00 you can come to the observing site. Our team of hobby astronomers will show you different telescopes, we will look at planets, star clusters, nebulas and galaxies! We will explain our beautiful night sky to you. Walk from telescope to telescope and experience deep space objects such as star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.


Saturday, 17.06.2023

11:30 Official opening of the 16th Southern Star Party (SSFT). We will meet in the conference room. There will be some interesting lectures by various astronomers.

15:00 We meet at the observing site. There we will have a chance to see the telescopes in daylight and we will explain to you how they work and show the different components. There will be some sun telescopes. We will see some sun eruptions and the contours of the sun in detail.

From 18:00 you can come to the observing site again. At the beginning of the evening you may attend a beginner’s astro training: How do I find my way around the sky? How do I handle a pair of binoculars or a Dobson telescope? At night we will do as much observing as possible.


Please note at the observing site we only use red lights!!!

The eyes need a long time to adjust to the dark and every time you look in white light the process of adjusting starts from the beginning. So please bring a torch with a red filter. You can easily build it yourself with a red foil or a red cap from a coke bottle. There are also some Apps for cell phones.

Bring some warm cloth with you, it will be cold at night.

For enquiries please contact Alex: 081 219 2447


The entrance fee for the Southern Star Party is N$100. In addition, there are the costs for accommodation at Gross Barmen.


Events are open to the public!

Please note: The opinions expressed during presentations, films or events are not necessarily in accord with ours.