Upper Swakop Basin Management Commitee (USBMC) position statement on water management in Central Namibia

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  • Namibia Scientific Society, 110 Robert Mugabe Ave., Windhoek, Namibia
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USBMC will present their current position related to water management in the Central Area of Namibia (CAN). This will be a last sharing of the position to invite public comments before it will be submitted to the office of the Minister of Agriculture, Water  and Land Reform. In its capacity as advisory body to the minister, the USBMC wants to bring critical facts and lack of action the attention of the general public and ministry in the hope that a more proactive water management system will be implemented in the CAN. The integrated water resource management plan for the Swakop Upper-Omatalo Basin, developed specifically for the central area, will form the basis of discussions, coupled with new information from City of Windhoek and Namwater. Suggestions and comments from the audience will be incorporated into the final statement for submission. 

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