Wild Flowers of the Southern Namib

A photographic guide to wildflowers of south-western Namibia

by Coleen Mannheimer, Gillian Maggs-Kölling, Herta Kolberg and Silke Rügheimer

292 p. • colour photos • 2008 • ISBN 978-99916-0-878-5 • 148 x 210 mm • Macmillan Namibia (Pty) Ltd

This photographic guide covers the south-western corner of Namibia, mainly the southern Namib Desert (Sperrgebiet), although a number of common plant species that occur as far east as the Fish River have been included. The area concerned is largely a relatively pristine wilderness that is geologically and topographically very diverse, providing many habitats and niches where unique organisms have evolved mechanisms that enable them to survive in this inhospitable corner of the subregion.

Over 350 species are covered by Wildflowers of the Southern Namib. The emphasis is on wildflowers, but a few of the most common ferns, grasses, shrubs and trees have also been described. Wherever possible, photographs of the whole plant as well as close-ups of the flower have been included. A simple description of each plant and a brief overview of distribution, habitat and uses are provided, as well as common names used in the area.


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