Between Lüderitz and Walvis Bay – rough coast, shipwrecks and unequaled nature

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1–9 August 2024

Join us on a tour from Lüderitz to Walvis Bay.

The journey takes you through the endless sea of dunes, past unique geological formations and along the Atlantic coast. Treacherous sandbanks and unpredictable currents have been the undoing of countless ships. We will visit some of these wrecks. The dunes around Oyster Cliffs will make any dune driver’s heart beat faster as they are technically demanding and require driving skills.

Please note: Due to the sometimes-difficult route; camper bodies, heavy caravan/living conversions and trailers are not permitted on this tour!



Wednesday, 31 July 2024

The participants arrive in Lüderitz in the afternoon, at the latest, and set up their tent or check into their room at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel.

Thursday, 1 August 2024, Day 1:

On the first day of our trip, we visit the Namibia Kelp Blue Farm in the morning. Thanks to ideal marine conditions, facilitated by the constant upwelling of the Benguela Current, the successful cultivation of giant kelp (macrocystis) is made possible. We will learn more about this project during a guided tour of the plantation.

In the afternoon we visit the old power station. A representative of the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company will inform us about the extensive remodelling and future-oriented development of the former power station and guide us through the National Maritime Museum.

The day ends with a tour briefing and dinner at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel.

Friday, 2 August 2024, Day 2:

We set off early in the morning for Hottentot Bay. The wreck of the Frotamerica, the Anigab water source and the old lobster factory are just some of the sights that will be visited. The route is partly along the beach and partly inland. We will spend the night in Hottentot Bay.


Saturday, 3 August 2024, Day 3:

Return to Lüderitz Bay via the salt pan and Agatstrand. Refuel in Lüderitz. From there we take the Koichab route towards Saddle Hill. We spend the night in the dunes.



Sunday, 4 August 2024, Day 4:

Drive from Saddle Hill to Spencer Bay. Those who wish, can visit the wreck of the Otavi. Tour guide Volker Jahnke will tell us the story of the remains of the United Trader wreck and Mercury Island is also on the agenda today. We get our first taste of dune driving at the entrance to the Devil’s Workshop. This area has a unique landscape and is associated with many interesting stories.

Monday, 5 August 2024, Day 5:

D-Day for the journey through the difficult and challenging dune section to Oyster Cliffs. The camp is set up at Easter Point.



Tuesday, 6 August 2024, Day 6:

We leave Sylvia Hill and Easter Point behind. At low tide, we pass the famous Long Wall, where the Atlantic Ocean touches the dunes. A series of "rollercoaster" dunes will have to be overcome to reach our camping spot for tonight.




Wednesday, 7 August 2024, Day 7:

We continue along the Namibian coast. Passing Meob, we enter into the lunar landscape at Mützelbucht and travel to the old diamond fields. Our destination is the ‘Conception Water’ camp.


Thursday, 8 August 2024, Day 8:

Passing over dunes and along the beach, we reach the Eduard Bohlen and the Shawnee. The destructive power of the elements can clearly be seen here.

We spend the night at Sandwich Harbour.


Friday, 9 August 2024, Day 9:

One final time we will travel over rollercoaster dunes to ‘Modder Bankies’, then will follow the final stretch,  along the beach, to Paaltjies. Here the tyres are pumped up and the radios are returned. The tour ends in Walvis Bay with a final lunch together.



Volker Jahnke from Desert Magic Tours is our guide. Due to his love to the coast and the numerous completed trips in this area, Volker knows this area like no other. He has extensive knowledge on the numerous shipwrecks as well as the eventful history of the coast. Moreover, he is well versed about the flora and fauna here. The tour is accompanied by geologist Eckhart Freyer. Eckhart has been working as an independent consulting geologist for several large and small exploration and mining companies in the country and the Namibian government since 2003.


OPTION 1 (Lüderitz Nest Hotel – N$ 23,900.00 p.p./+ N$ 1,000.00 single room supplement)

  • 2 x nights at Lüderitz Nest Hotel on 31.07. and 01.08.2024 in a single or double room
  • 7 x nights in your own tent in the desert
  • 2 x dinner in the Nest Hotel on 31.07. and 01.08.2024 (tour meeting)
  • 2 x breakfast in the Nest Hotel on 01.08. and 02.08.2024
  • 7 x dinner around the campfire and 7 x breakfast prepared by Desert magic tours

OPTION 2 (Campsite of your own choice/self-booking: N$ 21,200.00)

  • 2 x nights at a campsite or accommodation of your own choice on 31.07. and 01.08. Campsite must be booked and paid for by the participant themselves
  • 7 x nights in your own tent in the desert
  • 1 x dinner at the Nest Hotel on 01.08. with tour meeting
  • 7 x dinner around the campfire and 7 x breakfast prepared by Desert magic tours. 


Minimum number of participants: Please note that this tour only takes place with 18 participants or more.

Included services:

  • 7 nights camping in the desert
  • optional 2 nights at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel
  • Concession/parking fee, permits
  • Two-way car radios
  • Shower and toilet facilities (everyone brings their own water for showering; Desert Magic Tour prepares hot water for us)
  • Camp lighting, wind shelter
  • Meals: 7x dinner around the campfire and 7x breakfast, prepared by Desert Magic Tours
  • 1x dinner at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel (01.08.2024) for ALL
  • Dinner and breakfast at the Nest Hotel on 31.07.2024 & 01.08.2024 only with overnight stays at the hotel

Services not included:

  • 4x4 vehicle, camping equipment, sufficient fuel, drinks, tips, personal expenses
  • Car and health insurance & travel health insurance
  • Bottled and non-bottled water and other drinks
  • Meals excluded or not specified in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses of any kind (e.g. medication, telephone calls, souvenir purchases, etc.)
  • Lunch in Walvis Bay
  • Gratuities for restaurants and waiters etc., tour guides, rangers; individual bank charges on transfer
  • NB Dinner on 31.07.2024 and breakfast on 01.08.2024 & 02.08.2024 are not included for campers


Changes to the itinerary may be made at the discretion of the guide(s) due to weather conditions or timing of the programme or if required by government departments and concessionaires.


Travel insurance and repatriation:

  • Please enquire with your health insurance company whether the necessary medical measures and repatriation to Windhoek will be covered by your insurance in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Please provide detailed information so that we know who to contact in case of an emergency and leave a copy of the Medical Aid card with us.


Namibia Scientific Society, owners and staff of Desert Magic Tours as well as guides and representatives of Namibia Scientific Society cannot be held liable.


Booking terms and conditions:

By accepting the offer in writing, you agree to the terms and conditions. The final confirmation is binding.

Please send your reservation together with the signed booking form. Only written bookings with a copy of the Medical Aid Card will be accepted. The booking will only be confirmed after receipt of registration and proof of payment. Please do not pay the amount until you have received the invoice.

Prices are subject to change due to unforeseen increases in fuel prices and/or concession fees.


Should the tour be cancelled by the Namibia Scientific Society due to the minimum number of participants not reached or due to unforeseen circumstances/reasons, all payments will be refunded. In the event of cancellation by the participants, the cancellation policy of the Namibia Scientific Society will apply.


Information sheet from Desert Magic

Desert Magic Tours provides:

  • 2-way radio for all vehicles
  • Guide and lead vehicle
  • Wind shelter, shower and WC
  • Vehicle with equipment
  • 2 meals per day (hearty breakfast and dinner)
  • Water (only for the kitchen)

Participants bring: (no trailers or camper bodies allowed):

  • Tents, mattresses, sleeping bags/blankets, camping chairs (sturdy tent pegs are recommended. Canvas dome tents are suitable for the weather conditions)
  • Crockery & cutlery
  • One bag of wood per vehicle (+/- 30kg)
  • Water for your own consumption (minimum 20 litres) and for showering and washing
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Strong rubbish bags - participants must transport and dispose of their own rubbish/waste
  • Sufficient fuel
  • Personal items such as medication, sunscreen, torch, camera, batteries etc.

4x4 all-wheel drive vehicle:

  • Make sure your 4x4 is mechanically sound
  • 4x4 vehicle, with high inflation tyres (no tyres with inner tubes)
  • Pump/compressor and pressure gauge
  • Emergency equipment, tools and parts (e.g. fire extinguisher, tool kit, tyre repair kit, jack, spade, spare oils, fuel filters, V-belts, fuses, etc.)
  • Tow hooks - front and rear
  • Roof racks may only be loaded with a maximum weight of 50 kg (e.g. bedding or tents)
  • Only one roof tent per car is permitted

Under no circumstances will our escort vehicles tow vehicles out of the area. In the event of a breakdown, the vehicle will be left behind!



Travel insurance and medical evacuation:

In the event of a medical emergency, you must obtain your own travel insurance and make provisions for medical repatriation.

You should also check your car insurance to ensure that the vehicle can be towed away and repaired in the event of a breakdown.


For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Elfi Schneider: or 061-22 53 73.

If you would like to join the tour, please fill in the booking form and send it to Elfi Schneider. You can also bring it to our office.

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