About us

Namibia Scientific Society – a long-established, dynamic and relevant institution

Founded as far back as 1925 by farsighted people of diverse interests, this contemporary institution draws on nearly a century of wisdom. In those early years, when there were no “official” institutions, pioneering work was done in various fields. Working groups for botany, herpetology, archaeology, ornithology, astronomy and other topics were established for the exchange of research data. Research findings and relevant resources were to be stored in a comprehensive and well-maintained library, which now houses well over fifty thousand titles, scans, slides and photos, mostly having reference to Namibia. An inhouse publisher was established to release publications of various genres for members and wider distribution. As a truly Namibian non-governmental and non-profit entity, inclusive and unbiased, with now close to a thousand members, the Society has survived wars, political changes, and economic challenges to become a prominent representative of civil society. Our slogan: Scientific Society – Science for Society.

The Society acts as a facilitator and networking platform for the exchange of factual information and research, sought equally and eagerly by local and foreign scientists, researchers, interested laymen, lecturers and students. Public debate, publications, preservation of national heritage and access to digital data via the internet are constantly promoted.

Lectures and public presentations on a wide range of topics, excursions and book launches take place on a regular base because KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERS AND CONNECTS!

Anyone may attend presentations and membership is open to people of all ages and cultural background. When you meet our dynamic team you will know that this is a professional, multicultural, social platform for intellectual exchange, and you may wish to join. As a member, you will receive information about upcoming lectures and excursions, be able to buy books at special rates, and receive the biannual Newsletter and the annual scientific Journal free of charge.

And you will certainly enjoy being part of a committed group engaging in intellectually stimulating discussion.

Image 1: Members of the Ornithological Study Group attending the Summer School of Percy Fitzpatrick Institute during an expedition, 1964
Image 2: The longstanding chairman of the Herpetological Study Group, Mr Helmut Finkeldey, who was one of the longest-serving Council members of the Society
Image 3: Botanical excursion by members of the Scientific Society, 1960s; left to right: Mr H.-J. Wiss, Mrs Holfeld and Mrs Martha Hohmann in front of the Society’s Bedford truck