Namibia Scientific Society

Science for Society
Knowledge empowers and connects

The Society was founded in 1925 as a non-governmental, non-profit member’s organisation.

It provides a platform for exchange and supplies information to local and foreign scientists and scientifically interested laymen.

It interlinks with foundations, institutions and companies, and coordinates contacts by offering a platform for

Kuiseb Publishers takes care of country-related scientific and historical writing and books, as well as fiction.

Now Available

The Hambukushu of Namibia’s Kavango East Region

A Comprehensive History by Maria Fisch

$385.00incl VAT

Berthold Deimling

Ein umstrittener Kolonialoffizier von Hans Hilpisch und Hans-Joachim Liedtke

$340.00incl VAT

Felsgraffiti Heft 29

Literatur- und Kulturzeitschrift für Namibia

$100.00incl VAT

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