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Visions of Love and Sorrow

Visions of Love and Sorrow: The Art of John Muafangejo

Omamoniko ohole noluhodi: Ounongofano waJohn Muafangejo

Visionen von Liebe und Leid: Die Kunst John Muafangejos

by Orde Levinson

Tri-lingual • 184 p. • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-72-2 • 215 x 280 mm

Foreword by / Onhetekelindjovo ku / Vorwort von Nelson Mandela

Revised, updated and including the play Forcible Love and the article A Poet’s Grave
Omapukululo, omawedelepo mwakwatelwa oshinyandwa Forcible Love na okatopolwa ko A Poet’s Grave
Überarbeitete, aktualisierte und erweiterte Ausgabe (enthält das Theaterstück Forcible Love und A Poet’s Grave)

With 195 illustrations / Mwakwatelwa Omaulikifano 195 / Mit 195 Illustrationen

John Ndevasia Muafangejo (1943–1987), Namibia’s most acclaimed artist alongside Adolph Jentsch and Fritz Krampe, gained worldwide recognition during his short and intensely productive career for the power, uniqueness and immediacy of his vision. A world master of the linocut, he created graphic images that depicted African subjects. Scenes from his tribal homestead, a lovers’ meeting, the epic Battle of Rorke’s Drift, African wildlife, snow in Finland (a visit), an airline flight, a second-hand car, whatever his theme, there is no mistaking he was able to tell a universal story as well as a personal story openly with his penetrating observation of life: a life of turmoil, emotional and political, of exile and return, of study and work and of madness and calm.
Re-edited from the 1992 Thames and Hudson publication this is the first tri-lingual full treatment of an artist whose works continue to inspire, touch and make us think and laugh. With 195 illustrations with an introduction detailing the artist’s life, short essays on ten universal themes, an alphabetical index of titles, a Foreword by Nelson Mandela, and the complete script of Forcible Love about Muafangejo.

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Reptiles of Namibia

Reptiles of Namibia

by Alfred Schleicher

272 p. • colour photos • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-70-8 • 170 x 240 mm

Namibia is well-known for its large biodiversity of reptiles, be it tortoises, turtles, snakes, lizards and crocodiles. On 271 pages with 480 full-colour photos, distribution maps and an index, this guide comprehensively informs about the distribution, habits and habitats, diet and breeding of Namibia’s diverse reptiles as well as the threats that they are exposed to. For venomous snakes, the author also informs about the specific types of venom and what to do in case of snake bites.

Reptiles of Namibia is a translation as well as an extension of the German version Reptilien Namibias and is a must for every household and all travellers in Namibia.

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Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the Unknown

by Kalumbi Shangula

120 p. • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-67-8 • 148 x 210 mm

This autobiography relates the moving and exciting story of Dr Kalumbi Shangula, the Minister of Health and Social Services. He was one of hundreds of Namibians who left Namibia through Angola starting in 1974 to fight and prepare for the liberation of his motherland. It describes the author’s political awakening in the inhuman apartheid system and his hazardous journey through Angola up to Zambia with repeated arrests and escapes.
The reader learns about the hard life in exile, his military training and graduation as a medical doctor in Moscow, Russia, and his work as a dedicated medical doctor at the Peter Nanyemba Military Hospital back in Angola until 1989. Shangula also vividly recounts the repatriation of former exiles to Namibia in 1989, the joy of returning home, but also the fear and apprehension of the returnees, their resettlement and employment in an independent country.

“It is hoped that this book will give the reader insight into the experiences of exiles which people have talked about many times but which have rarely been documented in writing. It is also hoped that this book will encourage other former exiles to summon the courage and write down their own experiences.” 
Kalumbi Shangula

“(This book) makes interesting reading, especially his presentation of events. I encourage everybody to read this book.”
Sam Nujoma, Founding President of Namibia

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Good Morning Namibia

Good Morning Namibia
The long way to Independence on a Namibian farm

by Erika von Wietersheim

328 p. • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-68-5 • 120 x 190 mm

In this biographical narrative, Erika von Wietersheim takes us back to the time between 1976 and Namibia’s independence in March 1990. It is the story of a twofold emancipation: After her studies at the rather liberal University of Cape Town, the young Namibian returns to her motherland to live with her husband Anton on the farm of her parents-in-law. There she is confronted with traditional apartheid structures and relationships. What can she do to change the existing situation and contribute to a more just society for the people on the farm and in the country? One answer is education. She establishes a school on the farm – initially without any outside help and against official regulations. In this way, she comes into living contact with Namibian children, their parents and their culture and with time with important people of Namibia’ independence movements like Hendrik Witbooi, Hage Geingob, and Anton Lubowski.
The author artfully interweaves the story of her life on the farm with political backgrounds and developments, gives us insight into the culture of the local Nama people, describes the ups and downs of everyday life on a farm and demonstrates that also among white Namibians there were serious endeavours to make Namibia a more just and self-determined society.

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Prisoner of War Camp Aus

Prisoner of War Camp Aus 1915-1920

by Johann Bruwer

44 p. • 30 b/w photos • Plan of the POW camp • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-69-2 • 148 x 210 mm

“About two weeks after the surrender of the German Colonial Troops at Khorab on 9 July 1915, 797 German prisoners of war were brought by train from Otavi to Aus”. This is a revised edition of the book first published in 1985; it includes a comprehensive list of both the graves of prisoners of war and their South African captors, who perished at Aus. It also provides information on other prisoner of war camps in the former South West Africa, as well as on the deportation of Germans from the territory.

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