The Constitution of the Republic of Namibia

The Constitution of the Republic of Namibia is available as a free download! We gratefully give credit to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for providing the Constitution in local languages!

Let’s raise awareness for democratic principles, human rights by means of understanding the Constitution and its meaning. Over time, we will add even more translations.

Please share the link with everyone and anyone interested.

For more information on the constitution (including COVID-19 related amendments) also visit the Legal Assistance Centre website.


The Constitution of the Republic of Namibia

(Annotated Edition)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Namibia-Angola • 2021 • 178 pages • 4 MB

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Including: all amendments, amendment annotations, Namibia’s National Anthem and the AU Anthem, Namibian flags and seals, Resolution 435, Members of the Constituent Assembly and 1982 Constitutional Principles

An mobile version of the Constitution is available via Google Play.




Efi namhango loRepublika yaNamibia

Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Namibia-Angola • 2021 • 160 pages • 4 MB

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Mwa kwatelwa: omalundululo aeshe Eimbilo lopaShiwana laNamibia naali lOukumwe, waAfrika (AU) Omapandela aNamibia nOilimbo yEpangelo, Okatokolifo 435, Oilyo yOshoongalele shOkulongekida, Efinamhango, Omakanghameno Efinamhango 1982






Die Verfassung der Republik Namibia

(Kommentierte Auflage)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Namibia-Angola/Namibia Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft • 2021 • 174 Seiten • 4 MB

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