Manuscript submissions

Thank you very much for your interest! After all, the authors are most important for a publishing house. We appreciate that you entrust us for being the right publishing house for your book project.

Please send your documents only in electronic form as a pdf file via e-mail to Please understand that manuscripts sent by post cannot be processed or returned.

Do not send us complete manuscripts. Instead, please submit a synopsis with a short project description, with an outline for non-fiction books, and the first three chapters whether your submission is for fiction or non-fiction in pdf format. Kindly add a short CV with a list of your previous publications (if applicable).

It is important to be aware that since we, Kuiseb Publishers, are the publishing arm of the Namibian Scientific Society all manuscripts in whatever genre need to show a strong link to Namibia, whether it be in the theme, the setting, the narrative or the writer’s background.

If the manuscript seems suitable for publication, we will ask you for further material in your synopsis as follows:

For non-fiction

  • What genre does the book belong to (autobiography, biography, history,  politics, life advice, etc.)?
  • Give a brief summary.
  • Whom do you see as the market/target group?
  • List of contents

For fiction

  • What genre does the book belong to (novel, short story, poetry, drama. etc)?
  • What is the setting in time and place?
  • Give a brief summary (of the plot).
  • What is the point of view of the narrative (first person or third person)?
  • Whom do you see as the market/target group?


The synopsis for both fiction and non-fiction enables you to briefly present your text to us. This gives us a first impression, allows us to understand your main themes, and assess whether the book would be a good fit for Kuiseb Publishers.

Given the many manuscripts we receive, it can take at least three to six months for your material to be read and reviewed. Our publishing committee is happy to deal with all submissions, but unfortunately, we can only accept a few proposals.

Please understand that we will get back to you once the review process is completed and only then. Repetitive enquiries about the status of the review will not speed up the process. We will not be able to write detailed responses as we are a small publishing house. We ask for your understanding on this.


By submitting your manuscript, you agree that your personal data may be collected, processed, used and, if necessary, stored for the duration of the legally permissible retention periods using data processing equipment. We will not pass on your data and/or the manuscript to anyone outside the staff and committee of the publications department of the Namibia Scientific Society.


Board of the Namibia Scientific Society

April 2023