Namibia Scientific Society Privacy Statement

What type of Personal Data do we collect and how do we use it?

  • The data that the Scientific Society will collect includes your name, surname, e-mail address and or cellphone number
  • Your title, company name and address (if necessary)
  • Details of engagements, including marketing interactions and information on current presentations, talks, field visits, book sales and current information.

In some instances, we may combine one type of information with another, and store them together in our records. In all cases, however, we strive to limit the amount of Personal Data we collect and store. We ask you not to send or otherwise share with us any sensitive information, including your identification number, social security number, driver’s license number, racial and or ethnical information, political or religious opinions or your health information.

Collecting of Personal Data of members

We collect Personal Data in the following ways:

  • Through our circulating membership lists at talks and presentations.
  • Through our website.
  • Through our response e-mails or electronic surveys.
  • Through our payment system, when sending out customer statements.
  • Through online forums and social networks (please note that any Personal Data that you choose to submit to one of our online forums or social networks may be read, collected or used by others who visit these community areas and may be used to send you marketing-related information as mentioned above).

Using Personal Data

Namibia Scientific Society is a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organization, with no affiliation to any political party. It is in our legitimate interest to be responsive to you and to ensure the proper functioning of our services and organization.

We will use your Personal Data in the following ways:

  • To inform you about current presentations and talks to be held at the Scientific Society.
  • To send up to date information on current topics impacting on civil society in Namibia.
  • To request to register for surveys and use the data collected.
  • To request your feedback on our service offered, by gathering information through surveys.
  • By paying your yearly membership fee, the member grants the Namibia Scientific Society to collect, store and use your Personal Data as provided by you, the member.

If you consent to allow your Personal Data to be used by the Namibia Scientific Society, under applicable law, we will send you information we think is applicable to you, including current presentations, talks, marketing information, book sales, invoices for outstanding membership fees and information on the services that we offered. Information gathered on circular lists at the presentations will also be consented by you, to be used, for the abovementioned activities.

Storing of Personal Data

  • The Personal Data collected, will be stored on our external servers, located on the premises of the Namibia Scientific Society and the service provider currently hosting the website.
  • By consenting to have your Personal Data stored, the Namibian Scientific Society will store the Personal Data for an indefinite period of time or until such time as the member does not pay his or her membership fees. In laymen terms, the Data will be stored on our servers for as long as the annual membership fee is paid.
  • The Namibia Scientific Society reserves the right to store your data for as long as you pay your membership fees.

How do we share your Personal Data?

  • The Personal Data provided by you as a member of the Namibia Scientific Society will strictly be used as described in our Privacy Statement.
  • Personal Data will not be shared with any other organization and will only be used by the Namibia Scientific Society for affiliated purposes as mentioned in the Privacy Statement.

Sharing and disclosing Personal Data

  • The Namibia Scientific Society shall at no cost sell or rent your Personal Data to any other organization. These organizations include, but are not limited to any affiliated marketing companies in Namibia and the rest of the world.
  • Namibia Scientific Society reserves the right to use your Personal Data as provided and consented by you as the member, to send you updated marketing information on presentations, talks, marketing information and books sales.