During the foundation meeting of the Society in May 1925, it was decided that a Journal should be published annually, and Mrs Mary Menmuir was appointed Secretary and Editor for the first financial year. However, the first Journal, edited by Mr H. Kisker, was only published in 1927. Today, the Journal is still published regularly and send to all members of the Society free of charge. In 1975, when the Society celebrated its 50th anniversary, the format of the Journal was altered by giving the cover a bright orange appearance with a photograph placed on the title page, as is it still today.

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Latest Edition

Volume 67 - 2020


CHARLES HELM, PAUL KLENKE: Terrahelion in Namibia

ANDRE DU PISANI: Seeing and Remembering: Rock Art Sites at the Farm Krumneck in the Khomas Region of Namibia

ANDRE DU PISANI: The Way we were: Rock Art in the Khomas Region of Namibia

ALFRED SCHLEICHER: The Bushmanland Tent Tortoise (Namibia form), Psammobates tentorius verroxii – Field Observations, Free-range Husbandry and Reproduction in Namibia

SIGRID SCHMIDT: Hunter, Game, and Lords of Animals in Southern Africa

ULRICH THIEL: Hermann Nieß – Die Karriere eines sächsischen Bergbeamten von der Kaiserzeit bis in die NS-Diktatur