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Namibia Scientific Society Journal 71– 2024

The Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society (ISSN: 1018-7677) is a cross-disciplinary journal and publishes research in all fields related to Namibia. Published since 1925, it is the longest-standing academic journal in Namibia and is distributed to libraries in various countries, e.g. Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Switzerland and USA. In currently 69 volumes, articles have been published in research fields like

  • Architecture
  • Climate/Weather
  • Conservation
  • (Desert) Fauna/Wildlife
  • Geography
  • Heritage management
  • History (colonial time/independence struggle)
  • (Eco) Tourism
  • Vegetation.

All contributions must be based on original research and are subject to peer-review.
Articles of 2,000 words or less may be considered for publication as a short note, in which case no separate introduction, methods, results and discussion are necessary. Short notes must contain references, however, and acknowledgements may be made.
Articles of popular or anecdotal nature will be considered as non-reviewed contributions.
Still, those will be subject to editing.
Submissions in English, German and Afrikaans are welcome.
Currently, there are no article processing charges. In addition to the printed edition, the Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society is currently undergoing digitization and will soon appear as Open-Access eJournal.

Articles conforming to the Author Guidelines and Style Guide shall be submitted to
Deadline for submission: 13 May 2024.
Should you require more information do not hesitate to contact

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Latest Edition

Volume 70 - 2023

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T. Wassenaar, C. van der Waal, W. Ndapulamo, K. Tjiningire, D. Dentlinger, V. Tjiseua, F. Engelbrecht:
Research Notes: Determining risk of a regime shift in a coupled arid Social-Ecological System

André du Pisani:
Art Beyond Sight

Emma Haitengi:
Preliminary results on the quantification and taphonomic analysis of the Zoo Park (Windhoek, Namibia) Proboscidean remains

Sunette Walter:
Antimicrobial activity of three Namibian ethno-medicinal plants: !Guxa (Aptosimum albomarginatum Marloth and Engl.), Aru (Albizia anthelmintica A. Rich Brongn.) and Gu-!aru (Dicoma schinzii O. Hoffm.)

Michael Vaupel:
Rezension Der Bart des Elefanten

Michael Vaupel:
Rezension Meine Kriegserlebnisse


Volume 69 - 2022

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Joh R. Henschel and Gillian Maggs-Kölling:
Namibia Scientific Society and Gobabeb: Science in Transition

Don Cowan and Jean-Baptiste Ramond:
A Decade of Microbiome Research in the Namib Desert

Frank-M. Göttsche, Jan Cermak, Eugene Marais and Gillian Maggs-Kölling:
Validation of Satellite-Retrieved Land Surface Temperature (LST) Products at Gobabeb, Namibia

Joh R. Henschel and Theo D. Wassenaar:
Tenebrionid Beetle Diversity Increases with Aridity across the Namib Desert

George M. Leader, Ted Marks, Kaarina Efraim and Eugene Marais:
Anibtanab: An Earlier and Middle Stone Age Site in the Namib Sand Sea

Theodore P. Marks:
New Research at Mirabib Rockshelter

Sian Sullivan and Welhemina Suro Ganuses:
!Nara Harvesters of the Northern Namib: a Cultural History through Three Photographed Encounters

Roland Vogt, Eugene Marais, Gillian Maggs-Kölling, Frank-M. Göttsche, Jan Cermak and Mary K. Seely:
A Decade of Solar and Terrestrial Radiation Monitoring at Gobabeb for BSRN

Volume 68 - 2021

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Martin Lockley, Charles Helm, Hayley Cawthra, Jan De Vynck, Michael Perrin:
An Extended Pleistocene Range for Sand-Swimming Golden Moles like the Namib Mole

Vonai Charamba, Haruna Mohammed Bello, Dorthea Shiimi:
Assessment of Drought Coping Strategies Practiced by the Households in the Oshipya District of Etayi Constituency in Northern Namibia: An Item Response Theory Approach

Sanne de Jong:
The Importance of Being Earnest – the Relation between Hendrik Witbooi and the Gamsberg

André du Pisani:
An Eye for the Cycle of Life: Exploring Rock Art in the Khomas Region

André du Pisani:
On the Body in Rock Art of the Khomas Region

Jack Fearey, Simon Elwen, Sasha Dines, Bridget James, Tess Gridley:
Using Signature Whistles to Investigate Population Dynamics of Locally Threatened Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Namibia

Goodman Gwasira, Martha Akawa and Ndapewa Fenny Nakanyete:
Cultural Villages as Drivers of Rural Poverty Alleviation in Namibia: The Case of Uukwaludhi Royal Homestead

Michael Vaupel:
Nama Aufstand ab 1904