The Namibia Scientific Society Library is a renowned Reference Library that has been continuously expanding since its establishment in 1925. It has become one of the leading institutions in the world when it comes to information related to Namibia, formerly (German) South West Africa. Everything on the subject around our country is sought, carefully selected, catalogued and captured to become accessible to researchers and laymen alike. The library holds a wide range of books, journals, newspaper articles, periodicals, dissertations, thesis, articles, pictures, maps and films.

The contribution of material from members, specialists and laymen alike has enabled the library to become a centre of safeguarding information with well over 60,000 titles, 400 maps and 7500 photos captured thus far. Our sincerest gratitude goes to all the donors!

While the majority of the time of our librarians is spent on processing newly gained material, specialized services like digitizing Dias, and photos as well as VHS tapes and 8mm films are also offered.

At 110 Robert Mugabe Avenue, one can gain physical access to the available information while our online database enables access from near and far and outside office hours.

The knowledgeable librarians look forward to assisting you, on working days between 08:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:00, in your search for information and knowledge.


Library of the Namibia Scientific Society

+264 61 225 372