Have you been to Namibia Scientific Society’s extensive library? Few things are as enjoyable as the smell of books and the homey atmosphere of a library. The thousands of books on the shelves of our reference library tempt every visitor to browse and rummage and research, and you often forget about time and troubles. We certainly have one of the most comprehensive libraries covering all aspects of Namibia and southern Africa; be it vegetation, fauna, archaeology, history or tons of information about the different cultures and people – presented in various genres and different languages. There are thousands of photos, slides and maps, as well as various collections, and the index is accessible by means of the Cloud.

Books and magazines are recorded in an ABCD-database and classified in compliance with the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Thus our librarians can easily find the information you are looking for.

For an advanced search of books, documents and photos, you may follow the link to our search engine: Namibia Scientific Society Digital Collections


Digitizing slides, photos, Maps, Video Home System (VHS) and 8mm films for digital data storage are of the services offered. You are most welcome to contact our library or come and visit during ordinary workdays 8h00–13h00 and 14h00–17h00.

We are busy cataloguing photos and maps.


Your librarians: Annegret Enengl, Armin Jagdhuber, Gunter von Schumann, Hannah Iitula, Johannes Willibard will gladly assist.