Namibia Scientific Society Reference Library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference. It provides physical and digital access to the material. Our library has seven collections namely: Namibiana Collection, General Collection, Irlich Collection and Gunter von Schumann Collection including Books, Periodicals, Maps, Photos, Reprints, Journals, Namibia Magazine, Newspapers, Research documents and KOHA-database and OPAC website.

Our library ranges in size from many shelves of books to several million items. Hanna Iitula perfectly describes: “Namibia Scientific Society Reference Library a place that stores the energy that fuels the imagination. It opens up windows to the world and inspires most people to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving the quality of life.” In digital times Namibia Scientific Society Reference Library is needed more than ever before because it is where you find information which is not on the internet, but in this time of the internet, everyone can visit Namibia Scientific Society Reference Library OPAC website. It’s just a matter of opening a library website and search for all the information you need before leaving home to the library. Most importantly, our library is the place where you can expect smart and clear answers to even the most difficult questions.

Now that we have discussed the importance of our library, it’s time to highlight the important role of our librarians namely: Gunter von Schumann, Annegret Enengl; Armin Jagdhuber; Hannah Iitula and Johannes Willibald. Our librarians are in charge of or work professionally in a library and they are responsible for its management and services. The typical job of our librarian includes managing collection development and acquisitions, cataloguing, classifying, research assistance, circulation and providing a range of services, such as reference, information, instruction, and training services, etc.