Presentation recordings

Please note: The opinions expressed during presentations, films or events are not necessarily in accord with ours.

Here are the Zoom recordings of our latest presentations, if available. If you are looking for older recordings, please also have a look at our YouTube channel.

NEWS presentation: Pollution from lead mines – Kabwe (Zambia) and mining towns in Namibia by Dr John YabeEIA Tracker

Public talk by Dr John Yabe on 25 April 2024

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Namibia Bird Club presentation: Lead poisoning in southern Africa’s Cape and White-backed Vultures

Public talk by Dr Linda van den Heever (Species Conservation Programme Manager/BirdLife South Africa) on 24 April 2024

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NEWS presentation: EIA Tracker

Public talk by Ndelimone Iipinge and John Pallett on 27 March 2024

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Namibia Bird Club presentation: Southern Ground Hornbill – Endangered Large Terrestrial Bird

Public talk by Dr Lucy Kemp (Project Coordinator of the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project) on 29 February 2024

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Black hole astrophysics with a millimetre telescope in Namibia

Public talk by Professor Rob Fender (University of Oxford, University of Cape Town) on 27 February 2024

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