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Here are the PowerPoint slides of our latest presentations, if available. If you are looking for Zoom recordings, please also have a look at our recordings.

Please note: The opinions expressed during presentations, films or events are not necessarily in accord with ours.


Pulmonary Pearls and Sleep Secrets: Guaranteed Awakening

Public talk by Dr Paul A. Feil MD. on 19 July 2022

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Dr Feil presented a 1-hour presentation on his 40 years of experience in his USA-based practice of pulmonary and sleep medicine. He updated current lifestyle and clinical approaches and their effectiveness to common pulmonary and sleep disorders including smoking, infective diseases, allergies, altitude hypoxia, asthma, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, nocturnal seizures, and insomnia. Audience participation and questions were encouraged.

Dr Paul A. Feil MD: BA Biology, Colorado College; MD Washington University, Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine (40+ years practice). Director of Sleep Lab New Mexico.

Biomedical Engineering and Health Technology Management

Public talk by Dr Ernest R. (Dick) Greene on 12 July 2022

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Dr Greene presented a 1-hour practical overview of Biomedical Engineering and Health Technology Management Training in Namibia. A critical national need exists for rigorous, accredited, and professional university training in this important field. This training will improve the selection, acquisition, application, maintenance, and cost-effective analysis of medical equipment and technology. It will improve clinical outcomes and save resources. This is especially relevant in low-resource arenas where appropriate technology is required in the public, private, urban, and rural sectors. Dr Greene discussed how the School of Engineering at NUST, in collaboration with UNAM School of Medicine, is developing a Biomedical Engineering Concentration within its BS degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering. Audience participation and questions were encouraged.

Dr Ernest Greene: BS, MS Mechanical Engineering, Rice University; PhD Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering, Colorado State University Professor of Engineering and Biology, New Mexico Highlands University, USA; Research Professor of Engineering and Medicine, University of New Mexico, USA; Visiting Professor of Engineering, NUST, Namibia.

Advanced GIS Technology: Its Use in History, Education, Energy and Natural Resource Management

Public talk by Susanna Abraham on 11 May 2022

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Susanna gave a presentation on the application of Geo-information Technologies and how it can be used to support education, energy resource mapping, planning and management, to enhance the narrating and documentation of historical events and most of all to support decision-making processes. The motivation of this presentation is not only to demonstrate the use of Geo-information Technologies but also to hopefully open the discussion on embracing GIS and its advanced technologies in different application fields. 
As part of the presentation, Susanna showcased a part of her Master Thesis ‘Historical spatio-temporal data on current GIS: case study of the German-Herero war or resistance 1904’. The case study demonstrated the novelty of transforming the theoretical history records into interactive visualizations by making use of Geo-information and cartographic techniques. This is a stepping stone to supporting historical education, by providing alternative means of visualising and helping comprehend historical events with a rich geographic context. 
Additionally, she also unveiled the potential of Geo-information Technologies in resource mapping and management in reference to energy potential in Namibia.
Susanna Abraham graduated with the International Master of Science in Cartography from the Technical University of Munich in partnership with TU Dresden, TU Wien (Austria) and ITC (Netherlands) from 2015 - 2017. She was awarded an EDC student of the year 2018 from TU Dresden where she completed her thesis, sponsored by ESRI. She is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany, researching usability studies for GI applications. Susanna worked for the Ministry of Mines and Energy as a Cartographer for 5 years and worked in consulting and government projects for about 2 years prior to her studies.