Archive 2023

Upper Swakop Basin Management Committee (USBMC) position statement on water management in Central Namibia

Public talk by Piet Smith on 28 September 2023

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NEWS presentation: Climate Change Now

Public talk by Nafimane Hamukoshi (University of Namibia) on 31 August 2023

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The plight of Sperrgebiet endemics

Public talk by Dr Antje Burke on 11 July 2023

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NEWS presentation: Local Perceptions about Pangolins

Public talk by Tobias Kambongi (Pangolin Conservation & Research Foundation) on 28 June 2023

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NEWS presentation: Saving Africa’s Giraffe

Public talk by Dr Julian Fennessy and Dr Michael Brown (Giraffe Conservation Foundation) on 19 June 2023

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Short- and medium-term water management challenges for the Central Area of Namibia (CAN)

Public talk by Piet Smith and Dieter Tolken on 9 May 2023

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Fairy Circles—Subterranean Oases in the Namib Sand

Public talk by Prof. Norbert Jürgens and Felicitas Gunter on 22 March 2023

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The First Image of a Black Hole

Public talk by Prof. Heino Falcke on 24 February 2023

Plant water stress, not termite herbivory, causes Namibia’s fairy circles

Public talk by Dr Stephan Getzin on 9 February 2023

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