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Reptiles of Namibia

Also available in German

by Alfred Schleicher

272 p. • colour photos • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-70-8 • 170 x 240 mm

Namibia is well-known for its large biodiversity of reptiles, be it tortoises, turtles, snakes, lizards and crocodiles. On 271 pages with 480 full-colour photos, distribution maps and an index, this guide comprehensively informs about the distribution, habits and habitats, diet and breeding of Namibia’s diverse reptiles as well as the threats that they are exposed to. For venomous snakes, the author also informs about the specific types of venom and what to do in case of snake bites.

Reptiles of Namibia is a translation as well as an extension of the German version Reptilien Namibias and is a must for every household and all travellers in Namibia.


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