Namibia our Country our Beer

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by Bernd Masche


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by Bernd Masche

80 p. • 2019 • ISBN 978-99916-908-5-8 • 170 x 240 mm • Padlangs Publication

… that may sound lightly patriotic. And rightly so. Because “our Namibian beer”, produced by Namibia Breweries Ltd (NBL) and brewed according to The Reinheitsgebot, has in the last century developed from a slightly controversial political affair to the pride of our country. The course of events that resulted in the production of our beer was marked with numerous peaks and valleys. The author of this book, Bernd Masche, has not only experienced many years of there developments via family relations, he has also contributed and actively shaped the development of the beer brewing industry in Namibia as NBL’s former Managing Director.

This book is not only a must for the passionate beer drinker, but also for every Namibia-fanatic, as it offers valuable insight into our country. paired with a cool Windhoek Lager in hand, this book becomes a delightful read.


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