Atlasing on Farm Donkerhuk West

  • 7 September 2023

The Namibia Bird Club invites you to a weekend Bird Atlasing on Farm Donkerhuk West on 22–24 September 2023.

Donkerhuk West is a Bio-mapping hotspot. Next to a variety of big game like Giraffe, Orxy, Kudu, Mountain Zebra and Springbok several nocturnal animals like bat-eared Fox, striped Pole Cat, small-spotted Genet, and African Wildcat call this farm their home. Not to be overlooked when listing the animals are agamas and scorpions, butterflies, moths, beetles and snakes and of course many species of birds.

Being subject to very limited farming activities over the last 10 years, this farm has turned into an almost non-disturbed habitat for wildlife on the bank of the Namib desert.

Join us for a weekend of identifying, tracking and mapping the various species that can be found in the mountains, the planes, along the rivers or close to various water spots.

For further information on Farm Donkerhuk West, please visit their website.

More information and booking form.

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