Calendar of Events for April 2023

  • 4 April 2023

Dear members and friends!

NEWS will have a talk on Rural Revive: Building a Desert-based Economy by  NEWS Chairperson Reinhold Mangundu:
The author will talk about the project conceptualized under Wolwedans Vision 2030—The AridEden Project, and its aims at building resilient and thus more sustainable and equitable tourism/ conservation economies based on five core pillars: Commerce, Community, Conservation, Culture and Consciousness.
The project embraces these five pillars, interlinking them to provide the foundation on which to develop and implement a holistic economic concept. The project aims to benefit the local communities in the Namib Desert beyond Wolwedans, thus achieving the ‘revival’ of Maltahöhe and its people. By implementing a model for a diversified local economy and by assessing supply chain gaps and the needs of the local community it is attempted to create sustainable entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for the underprivileged men and women of Maltahöhe and surrounds.
Reinhold Mangundu is the Chairperson of NEWS and Project Coordinator of the Rural Revive project. He holds a Masters of Philosophy in Sustainable Development and Planning from the Stellenbosch University.


Events are open for the public. If not announced otherwise, venue is Namibia Scientific Society, Robert Mugabe Ave 110.
Please note: The opinions expressed during presentations, films or events are not necessarily in accord with ours.

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