Harnessing the sun’s energy for a brighter Scientific Society

  • 4 October 2023

The world is at a critical stage in its pursuit of sustainable and clean energy sources. As distress about climate change and environmental degradation mount, the need for alternative energy solutions becomes increasingly pressing. The Namibia Scientific Society has aimed to be ahead of the concerns and opted to go green with respect to its electricity needs.

Solsquare Energy (PTY) LTD, a provider of renewable energy solutions for all sectors of life and all over Namibia, installed our solar system mid-year and became fully functional end of July 2023.

Besides being regarded as green energy, solar energy installations of course have the benefit of reducing electricity costs. It is estimated, that our small system, which already provides us with more energy than what we need, will have exceeded the investment costs in savings within the next three years. Of course, our reliance on Namibia’s power delivery system is also drastically reduced. While the Namibia Scientific Society is currently still running on a grid-tied system, provisions have already been made to allow complete energy independence, should the need arise.

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