• 11 May 2023

by Frieda Mukufa, photos: Mindsinaction

Phase 2 of the STEAM project by Mindsinaction, in collaboration with ExxonMobil and the Namibia Scientific Society, was launched on March 28th, 2023, with the aim of introducing STEAM education to young girls in the Kunene region. Phase 1 was only Kunene, phase 2 is more regions and boys The project intends to expand on phase 1, which demonstrated positive effects on student creativity, innovation, engagement, and problem-solving skills, among other cognitive benefits. This time around, the project will identify 100 learners from primary and secondary schools, regardless of gender, to participate in hands-on STEAM activities for seven months, during 2023.

The project recognizes the low performance in Mathematics and Science, particularly among learners from marginalized backgrounds who lack access to information and opportunities to improve their skills, which often deters them from pursuing STEAM-related careers. By improving STEAM knowledge for learners and teachers in three regions of Namibia, the project aims to assist in creating opportunities for young people by enhancing their digital and STEAM skills.

Mindsinaction, together with partners such as the Namibia Scientific Society and ExxonMobil seeks to engage learners in integrative STEAM activities that cultivate creativity, authentic interest in innovation, and entrepreneurship from a young age. The project aims to expose primary and secondary learners to STEAM educational activities using hands-on learning systems, which will encourage them to explore a wider range of career options. The project will also create a supportive learning environment that promotes respect, trust, and personal growth, with the aim of developing effective and committed youth.

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