New Team Member: Malilo Limbo

  • 22 September 2023

My name is Malilo Stacey Limbo, born in the mighty Zambezi region but bred in Windhoek. I completed high school at Concordia College and graduated from the University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. I worked as a Communication intern for an international development agency called CHEMONICS INC under the USAID GHSC-PSM project before succeeding in acquiring the position at Namibia Scientific Society. I pride myself on being a 27-year-old with a genuine enthusiasm for the world of marketing, public relations, and communications.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm an avid writer, finding solace and expression in the written word. I also have a keen eye for photography, working and engaging on social media and creating content. When not immersed in career-related endeavours, I relish the outdoors, where I find a sense of serenity and a chance to recharge through various outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and playing sports.

As the newly appointed Events and Marketing assistant of the Namibia Scientific Society, I am overly excited and eager to learn and gain in every aspect. This position will give me an opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience I have in the world of marketing. The Scientific Society promises to be a great platform to grow and engage with individuals from different walks of life and will provide me with a better perspective for an upcoming professional such as myself.


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