NEWS Talk: EIA Tracker – Making EIA info more accessible

  • 20 March 2024

Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) talk by Ndelimone Iipinge + John Pallett/NEWS

NEWS and Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) are making EIA information more readily available, so that it’s easier to track EIAs and give inputs to them. Making the EIA system more transparent strengthens your role, as civil society, to keep EIAs honest.


Participation via Zoom is possible!

Please note: The opinions expressed during presentations, films or events are not necessarily by the Society.

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  • Liesbeth Brink, van
  • 3 Apr 2024
  • 11:57 am

Dear all I wonder if the presentation on the EIA tracker is available somewhere? Kind regards Liesbeth van brink

  • Namibia Scientific Society
  • 3 Apr 2024
  • 2:23 pm

Dear Liesbeth van Brink, Yes, both the recording and the slides will be available on our website in a couple of days. Kind regards, Namibia Scientific Society Team

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