US$ 25-million facility in Namibia will be Africa's first millimetre-range telescope

  • 16 June 2023

Join us for an evening with Prof. Heino Falcke. He will sign his book The Light in the Darkness at 17h30 and gives a public talk at 18h00 to explain why, where, when and how.

In 2019, Prof. Heino Falcke presented the first picture of a black hole, an event that was featured on the front page of every major newspaper in the world and finally made a black hole “visible”. Not only is this a truly remarkable achievement, but becomes even more special when realizing that Namibia is and will be playing a significant part in furthering research in this field.

Professor Falcke is an astrophysicist at Radboud University, investigating the depths of the sky. Falcke’s scientific achievements earned him knightly accolades from the Dutch King. Amongst other awards, he received the Spinoza Prize, the highest scientific award in the Netherlands, and the Henry-Draper medal of the US National Academy of Sciences for his pioneering work for imaging black holes. The International Astronomical Union even named asteroid 12654 (Heinofalcke) after him.


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