World Space Week

  • 13 October 2023

The international world space week is celebrated every year from 4 till 10 October. This year, the National Commission of Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) organised, with various partners, events that emphasize the positive impact of space science and technology on the betterment of human existence.

The Namibia Scientific Society took this opportunity to run the telescopes donated by Robert Johnstone for the first time. On Wednesday evening, about 150 guests gathered at the Mercure Hotel in Windhoek. Amongst them were 80 learners from all over the country who were invited by the NCRST to participate in organized events of the Space Week in the capital city.

The evening began with a talk by amateur astronomer Lutz von Dewitz, who talked about the astronomical activities in Namibia and introduced Saturn, its rings and moons. Afterwards, everyone had the opportunity to see the planet Saturn and its rings and moons with their own eyes in the parking area of the hotel.  

With the support of Alex Arnold, Prof. Michael Backes, Simon van der Lingen and Lutz von Dewitz, four telescopes could be set up. While two of the telescopes belong to the Namibia Scientific Society, the other two are in private possession and were kindly made available specifically for this event. In addition to the observations through the telescopes, many very active and interesting astronomical discussions were held and many questions could be answered by the astronomers.

We thank our Astro Group and the NCRST for their cooperation and assistance thus ensuring the success of the evening.

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