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About Valleys and Shipwrecks

Places and Spaces along the Swakop River and Skeleton Coast

by Hartmut O. Fahrbach

64 p. •  2020 • ISBN 978-99945-50-25-8 • 148 x 210 mm • Scientific Society Swakopmund

This book brings alive stories about travellers, adventurers, explorers and missionaries, but also locals, who passed through the lower Swakop valley and the Skeleton Coast at some time in our history. It covers places from the Langer Heinrich Mountain to the Atlantic Ocean and shipwrecks from Swakopmund to Terrace Bay on the Skeleton Coast.

Among others, the Battle of Riet during the First World War is chronicled. A photograph shows General Louis Botha, in command of the Union of South Africa Defence Force, watching his soldiers attack German positions from his folding chair.

The story of the flourishing past and present of Goanikontes is told, as well as the failed Toscanini diamond odyssey which remains a discussion of interest and speculation to this day.

The events leading to some of the notable shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast are recorded, with descriptions of their respective rescue operations. The impressive and wide-reaching rescue missions for the survivors of the Dunedin Star is highlighted. This amazing story has become part of Namibia’s folklore history.


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