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Namibian Christmas - Stories, Reflections, Poems


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Namibian Christmas – Stories, Reflections, Poems

Sylvia Schlettwein, Prince Mamaazengi Marenga I, Fanie Gous, Anka Eichhoff, Irmtraut Koch, Dorian Haarhoff, Victoria Ndinelago Erasmus, Dirk Heinrich, Pierre Mare, Hetty Rose-Junius, Tanja Bause, Ingrid Kubisch, Louisa Beukes, Catharina Greef-Sachse, Ilme Schneider, Florence ǀKhaxas, Mildred Kehrmann, Andrew Kathindi, Nina van Schalkwyk, Louis Conradie, Chief Ankama, Jochen Voigts, Benike Palfi, Gabriele Moldzio, Franziska Xamses, Matilda Isaak, Isdor Kamati, Hans-Volker Gretschel, Burgert Brand, Gunter von Schumann

104 p. • 2017 • ISBN 978-99945-76-53-1 • 148 x 210 mm • Namibia Scientific Society/Kuiseb Publishers

Christmas! – The holy days, die groot dae, the ultimate family festival is celebrated all over the world – but how is it celebrated in Namibia? In our country, 95 % of people are Christians, but what meaning is attached to the most important of all Christian holidays (=holy-days) during the hottest season of our year by our different cultures, different generations, different individuals? To find out, the Namibia Scientific Society invited Namibian writers, poets, journalists and thinkers to submit stories, reflections and poems on the theme “Christmas in Namibia”. The response was enthusiastic and the result is this book.


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