Journey into the Unknown

by Kalumbi Shangula


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by Kalumbi Shangula

120 p. • 2020 • ISBN 978-99945-76-67-8 • 148 x 210 mm • Namibia Scientific Society/Kuiseb Publishers

This autobiography relates the moving and exciting story of Dr Kalumbi Shangula, the Minister of Health and Social Services. He was one of hundreds of Namibians who left Namibia through Angola starting in 1974 to fight and prepare for the liberation of his motherland. It describes the author’s political awakening in the inhuman apartheid system and his hazardous journey through Angola up to Zambia with repeated arrests and escapes.
The reader learns about the hard life in exile, his military training and graduation as a medical doctor in Moscow, Russia, and his work as a dedicated medical doctor at the Peter Nanyemba Military Hospital back in Angola until 1989. Shangula also vividly recounts the repatriation of former exiles to Namibia in 1989, the joy of returning home, but also the fear and apprehension of the returnees, their resettlement and employment in an independent country.

“It is hoped that this book will give the reader insight into the experiences of exiles which people have talked about many times but which have rarely been documented in writing. It is also hoped that this book will encourage other former exiles to summon the courage and write down their own experiences.” 
Kalumbi Shangula

“(This book) makes interesting reading, especially his presentation of events. I encourage everybody to read this book.”
Sam Nujoma, Founding President of Namibia


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