Namibia Nature Parks

A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces by Helge Denker


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A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces

by Helge Denker

436 p. • 650 illustrations (photos, maps, sketches) • 2021 • ISBN 978-99916-994-0-0  • 170 x 235 mm • Gondwana 

Namibia’s nature parks feature some of the most epic landscapes, amazing wildlife and wonderful travel experiences on earth. This book will enhance those experiences.

Namibia Nature Parks: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild space is just that – a personal guide by Helge Denker, whose deep knowledge, love and respect for this country and its people, wildlife and wild places shine through on of the book’s 400-odd pages. It’s the first comprehensive guide to the county’s parks in almost 30 years. It showcases 22 state-protected areas and two large private nature reserves, and offers an overview of the community conservation areas that maintain wildlife habitat between the parks.

For each of these areas, this intimate, in-depth guide provides detailed portrayls of:

  • landscapes and geomorphology
  • fauna and flora
  • history
  • current conservation priorities
  • research initiatives and findings
  • what happens beyond the park’ boundaries.

Other features include:

  • a vivid overall introduction to Namibia
  • a fact sheet for each park
  • detailed park maps showing visitor routes
  • a list of larger mammals occurring in each park
  • fascination and informative nature notes, travel tips and other important information.

Beautifully illustrated, this tome is part personal narrative, part field diary and part travel guide.


Helge Denker was born in Namibia and has spent his life working either directly in, or on projects related to, its wildlife and wild spaces. His work as an artist-naturalist, guide, photographer, writer and development consultant has taken him on extended field assignments to most parts of the country. It has included stints as director of the Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society, communications specialist for NACO/WWF in Namibia, and philatelic product designer for Namibia Post. He has published well over 100 popular articles and has written extensively on environmental issues, community conservation and wildlife crime.

The proceeds from the sale of this book support community conservation in Namibia, made possible by Gondwana Collection Namibia, Capricorn Group and Helge Denker.