The Sheltering Desert Front

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The Sheltering Desert

Also available in German

A classic tale of escape and survival in the Namib desert

by Henno Martin

324 p. • 2018 • ISBN 978-0-86852-234-0 • 130 x 200 mm • AD Donker Publishers

Threatened with Internment for the duration of World War II, two young German geologists, Henno Martin and Hermann Korn, sought refuge in the Namib Desert and lived a Robinson Crusoe existence for two and a half years. How they mastered their situation, what they did, thought and observed are the subject of The Sheltering Desert.

In it lies the vastness of the landscape, the clear skies, nature's silence in the joy or suffering of her creatures, and the stillness in which the reader, too, may take refuge from the wrongs of civilization.

Also available in German.


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