Murder at Angra Pequeña

Also available in German

by Gordon McGregor


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by Gordon McGregor

56 p. • 2012 • ISBN 978-99945-76-11-1 • 148 x 210 mm • Namibia Scientific Society/Kuiseb Publishers

During the Civil War in America (1861-1865), the Confederate Ship ‘CSS Alabama’ used the lagoon Angra Pequeña, today known as Luderitz, as a base. The frigate ‘USS Vanderbilt’ of the northern states discovered her there and a battle ensued between the two of them. After the ‘USS Vanderbilt’ captured the ship ‘Saxon’, lying at anchor in Radford Bay, the ‘Saxon’s’ First Officer Griffith left the ship and stayed with David Radford at his house at Radford Bay. Griffith was then shot for mutiny by the First Officer of the ‘USS Vanderbilt’ and buried by his friend Radford in the bay now called Griffith Bay.
Was it really Griffith who was shot or was it someone else? Are Griffith and Grey the same person? The book also explains a relatively unknown link between South West Africa and the American Civil War.

The book is also available in German under the title Seekrieg in Angra Pequeña.


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