Stamps & Stories Volume 1

50 Stories on Namibia’s Postage Stamps


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50 Stories on Namibia’s Postage Stamps

192 p. • 2012 • ISBN 978-99916-888-0-0 • 148 x 210 mm • Gondwana

If postage stamps could talk they would have a lot of stories to tell … In this book they actually do!

Read about the dangerous life of postal runners almost 200 years ago, about exploding mushrooms or the medicinal properties of Devil’s Claw, about the gladiator insect which was discovered only recently, a reluctant steam ox, the Mbalantu woman’s braid that touched the ground or about Brukkaros mountain, the fake volcano.

Stamps & Stories contains 50 entertaining and illustrated stories related to pictures on Namibian postage stamps. Covering the country’s natural environment, culture and history in a colourful mix, this book is a Namibia portrait resembling a mosaic which here and there may surprise those who know the country inside out.



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