Knowledge lives in the Lakes Front

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Knowledge lives in the Lakes

Knowledge lives in the lake

Edited by: Manfred O. Hinz, Oliver C. Ruppel and Clever Mapaure

274 p. • 2012 • ISBN 978-99916-855-8-8 • 170 x 240 mm • Namibia Scientific Society/Kuiseb Publishers

This book presents research within the framework of the international Biodiversity Monitoring Transect Analysis in Africa (BIOTA) Project. The BIOTA Project was inspired by a movement translating the demand for sustainable development into international and national policies. It was fortunate that some of the questions dealt with in the BIOTA Project could be continued in a new initiative, namely the Future of the Okavango (TFO) Project, which is still in progress. The focus of the TFO Project is the sustainability of the Kavango River Basin, which spans from Angola through Namibia to Botswana. Some of the contributions in this volume mark the interface between the BIOTA and TFO Projects. The emphasis on water and water management in other contributions expresses this interface well.


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