Clever Mapaure

Mr Clever Mapaure studied law at UNAM. He was awarded a BJuris in 2007, and in 2008 graduated cum laude in the Specialised Certificate in Customary Law. He was one of the first candidates to be awarded this Certificate. In 2009 he graduated cum laude with his LLB and was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Medal as the University’s Best Undergraduate Student. In 2007, he was appointed to the Faculty of Law, where he tutored students in customary law, constitutional law, commercial law, contract law, and property law. In the summer of 2007/8, he served as a guest lecturer and tutor in African Law at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, during which time he was also a guest lecturer at the Queen Mary School of Law where he offered a course on African Law. In 2005, he was elected President of the Law Students’ Society, a post he held for two years. In 2008 he was elected as Executive Speaker of UNAM’s Student Parliament. Mr Mapaure has done research in legal pluralism, traditional justice systems, and community-based natural resource management. He currently serves as a legal consultant as well as being a legal advisor to the UNAM Students’ Representative Council. He is also a Master of Laws candidate, specialising in environmental law and communal property rights. Latest publications: Hinz, MO & C Mapaure. 2009. “Legal pluralism and the apartheid past: Challenges to Namibian family law reform and development”. Family Law (Eds). International survey of family law. Bristol: Jordan Publishing Ltd, pp 301–327; Mapaure, C. 2009. “Child labour: A universal problem from a Namibian perspective”. In Ruppel, OC (Ed.). Children’s rights in Namibia. Macmillan Education Namibia.


Knowledge lives in the lake

Edited by: Manfred O. Hinz, Oliver C. Ruppel and Clever Mapaure

274 p. • 2012 • ISBN 978-99916-855-8-8 • 170 x 240 mm

This book presents research within the framework of the international Biodiversity Monitoring Transect Analysis in Africa (BIOTA) Project. The BIOTA Project was inspired by a movement translating the demand for sustainable development into international and national policies. It was fortunate that some of the questions dealt with in the BIOTA Project could be continued in a new initiative, namely the Future of the Okavango (TFO) Project, which is still in progress. The focus of the TFO Project is the sustainability of the Kavango River Basin, which spans from Angola through Namibia to Botswana. Some of the contributions in this volume mark the interface between the BIOTA and TFO Projects. The emphasis on water and water management in other contributions expresses this interface well.

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In Search of Justice and Peace
Traditional and Informal Justice Systems in Africa

Edited by Manfred O. Hinz in cooperation with Clever Mapaure

463 p. • 2010 • ISBN 978-99916-40-92-1 • 170 x 240 mm

In Search of Justice and Peace offers articles about the very complex efforts undertaken by communities in various parts of Africa to secure justice and peace at the local level – sometimes in contrast to states, which ignore the local desire for justice or fail to provide their citizens with what a state is expected to provide, and sometimes in tandem with the institutions of the state. Traditional and informal justice systems have attracted the interest of scholars and international organisations alike.