Nils Bruzelius

The author is a Swedish national, who served as an advisor to the Namibian government in the 1990s.


How the Port of Walvis Bay became Namibian
This is my story

by Nils Bruzelius

144 p. • 2017 • ISBN 978-99945-76-48-7 • 148 x 210 mm

Walvis Bay was for a long period a very isolated place located in the Namib Desert and on the Atlantic coast. Its main asset was a sand spit that allowed for safe anchorage, virtually, the only such place along the 1350 km of coastline of Namibia.
By the twists and turns of history, an area of 1124 of territory became known as the Walvis Bay enclave and remained under South African control in 1990 when Namibia obtained its independence. The control of the enclave gave South Africa considerable advantage in a situation still characterised by conflict in Southern Africa. However, as South Africa quickly moved towards majority rule, tensions eased and in 1994, the enclave was integrated into Namibia.
The transfer was by no means easily accomplished. This book is the only written document on what actually happened when Walvis Bay became Namibian. The emphasis of the narrative is on the port in the enclave, its main asset.

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