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A Painter’s Life in AfricaFritz Krampe by Peter Strack


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A Painter’s Life in Africa
Fritz Krampe

by Peter Strack

181 p. • Countless paintings & sketches mixed with text • 2007 • ISBN 978-99916-40-70-9 • 220 x 240 mm • Namibia Scientific Society/Kuiseb Publishers

Fritz Krampe, a restless spirit and possessed by wanderlust, has probably roamed the wide-open spaces of Africa like no other artist before him. He left behind a comprehensive oeuvre with his interpretations of impressions gained through observation. All his life, he made every effort to experience the true essence of untouched nature, its wild animals roaming freely and to seek encounters with the still unspoilt peoples of Africa. 
If India was meant to be his fate, then Africa became his destiny. It was in Africa where he reached the pinnacle of his artistic development. After collecting and accumulating such an abundance of pictorial documentation, letters, diary entries, a bold attempt is made to establish a well-rounded picture of Fritz Krampe’s life and work.

The book is also available in German under the title Zeitlose Begegnungen.


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